• Nourish
    Hydrating Repair Serum


    To be used during the first 9 days of your cycle, this hydrating serum is highly concentrated and potent to continuously hydrate the skin throughout the day. Use this product morning and night.

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  • Glow
    Exfoliating Solution


    To be used for the next 8 days of your cycle, this non-oily exfoliating solution has been formulated to continuously hydrate, exfoliate and absorb quickly into the skin. Use this product morning and night.

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  • Rebalance
    Skin Rebalancing Cream


    To be used during the last 9 days of your cycle, this highly concentrated rebalancing and normalizing cream has been purposely formulated to focus on acneic and problematic skin associated with the Luteal Phase of your period. Use this product morning and night.

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    The PHASE Kit is a 3-step system to be worked into your morning and night skincare routine.

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  • PHASE II Menopause Serum


    This specially designed skin oil with CannVita-C™ Co-Q10 complex is targeted toward menopause skin.

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  • PHASE Hydrate


    Hypoallergenic, hydrating & toning mineral mist to return important moisture loss to the face and neck areas for all skin types.

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A philosophy 
in Phases.

Hormones. They're an integral part of our DNA and our skin's vitality. With PHASE SKIN, each product has been formulated to work harmoniously with your hormones — whether you're in the midst of your period or in the various stages of menopause. It's about bringing out the best in your skin regardless of what phase of life you're in.

28 days. 
1 system.

Throughout your cycle, your skin changes; oily to acne prone, dry and back to a healthy glow. It's a rhythmic tide that ebbs and flows over the course of 28 days. PHASE SKIN is a 3-step system that understands Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with — but we've got it covered.

Your next 

A nutrient rich serum to keep your skin visibly plump, firm and supple. Specially formulated with our exclusive CannVita C™ CoQ10 to target fine lines and wrinkles through the phases of menopause.