Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve all been there — Mood swings to bloating and the fluctuating appetite. Our hormones affect our whole body including our skin.

Better known as period skincare, hormone-based skincare responds to the changes in your skin as your hormones rise and fall throughout your menstrual cycle. Hormone fluctuations can make our skin dull on some days and oily on others. We understand what happens to your skin through the phases of your cycle. PHASE SKIN’s 3- phase system helps guide you through a routine to minimize irritation and keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Traditional skincare doesn’t take the ebb and flow of our hormones into consideration. Your menstrual cycle can be divided into three different phases and you’ll notice your skin changes during each of these phases – from a dewy glow to dull and dry.

PHASE SKIN is specifically formulated with clean, certified organic ingredients backed with scientific advancements that enhance and keep skin healthy and beautiful in each phase.

Every woman has their own unique menstrual cycle—some phases are longer, some are shorter. With tracking apps, we not only learn which phase we are in, but we can easily see which skincare routine to use.

The 3-phase system makes it easy to follow and understand:

PHASE {1} corresponds to The Menstrual Phase (days 1-9)
PHASE {2} corresponds to The Follicular Phase (days 10-18)
PHASE {3} corresponds to The Luteal Phase (days 19-28)

Find more info about each phase and how P{H}ASE SKIN can help here.

If you are entering perimenopause, you can use a combination of the 3-phase system and Phase II.

If you are in menopause, Phase II is all you need to keep your skin in tip top shape.

Most people who take the pill have a hormone-free interval (about a week of “sugar pills”). This causes a sudden drop in estrogen which causes your period. This is also when the symptoms of PMS start; bloating, cravings, mood swings, breakouts and oily skin. Following the 3-phase system will help to reduce these blemishes and keep your skin healthy all month.

We do recommend using PHASE SKIN, as it helps you to sync your skincare to the phases. It also helps to transition your skin, when coming off the pill.

The 3-phase system is designed to flow with your monthly hormone cycle. If you find that your transition from one phase to the other overlaps, we recommend an overlap of a day or two using each phase respective product.

For women starting to experience symptoms of perimenopause -larger spaces between periods, increased flow, mood changes and night sweats among other symptoms- the introduction of PHASE II Menopause Serum, mixed with the PHASE products (morning and night) will help to ensure a smooth transition into your next exciting phase.

The mist is great for any phase of your cycle whether you are menstruating, entering perimenopause, menopause or post menopause.

PHASE Hydrate is our hypoallergenic, hydrating & toning mineral mist. It has been purposely formulated to return moisture to the face and neck areas. A combination of hyaluronic acid, cassia angustifolia seed polysaccharide and the superb humectant of vegetable glycerin, keep your skin hydrated all day.

Keep it in your bag for a quick spritz on the run.

Our PHASE II Menopausal Serum with CannVita-C™ Co-Q10 complex is combined with specially formulated ingredients to target what your skin needs in its specific phase. PHASE SKIN is formulated by scientists to work with the natural body’s needs. We stand behind our products but we promise not to say I told you so.

PHASE {3} Skin Rebalancing Cream is pregnancy friendly, and helps alleviate blemishes and pregnancy acne. When you’re pregnant your body is producing extra hormones and an increase in androgens that can cause your oil glands to work in overdrive. This leads to oily skin, inflammation and breakouts.

Please contact your physician before changing your skincare during pregnancy.

PHASE SKIN's 3-phase system is not just for hormonal acne, the system helps you work with your hormones to nourish, exfoliate and hydrate when your skin needs it most.

Many customers notice their skin starts looking healthier and hydrated immediately while others need to go through one full cycle before seeing results. We recommend following the system for one full cycle for best results.

Yes, our patent pending complex addresses the specific needs throughout the transition to menopause and beyond. As our bodies stop making as much collagen, we still go through our cycles; we will still get a period but will notice increased facial dryness caused by hormonal changes, along with more pronounced facial skin sagging.

PHASE II contains CannVita-C ™ that penetrates the skin to replenish collagen, hydrate and nourish. This product also protects the skin against a drop in estrogen to leave skin firm, glowing and a radiant complexion.

Absolutely- our patent pending formulation has been shown to help women in the second phase of their life. We can help make sure you’re not fazed by post-menopause.

You are not alone! We are here to answer your questions, provide help, support and connect you to a community of like-minded women who empower and embrace phases. We are here to guide and support you, no matter what phase you’re in.

Easy – they’re plant estrogen. They offer a safe, natural solution to the challenge of declining estrogen for women, a phenomenon now referred to as “hormonal aging.” Phytoestrogens are small molecules that are similar to estrogen but are derived from the reproductive parts of many plants, such as the seeds of grapes, soybeans, red clover, flaxseed, several nuts and berries. There is scientific evidence that many types of phytoestrogens, applied topically, offer incredible benefits in the fight against aging skin.

Yes, we do carry phytoestrogens! PHASE II is formulated with phytoestrogens such as flax seed oil and rose hip seed.