How it Works

Know your Phases.

Your skin changes a lot throughout your cycle, usually in response to hormone variations. You'll notice differences in acne outbreaks, skin hydration, elasticity, wound healing ability – the list is as long as your fave maxi dress. Our clean and consciously formulated products work with every phase that you face during your cycle, and understanding these phases is your first step towards great skin.

Skincare in sync with your hormones.

Whether you're on the second day of your period or approaching menopause, PHASE SKIN works with your hormones using clean, natural ingredients that keep your skin glowing no matter what phase you're in.


(Days 1-9)

Nourish Hydrating Repair Serum

This phase begins on day 1 of your menstrual period and last 7-9 days. During the first few days of your cycle, levels of estrogen and progesterone are low. Your skin may look dull or dry, making fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable.


(Days 10-18)

Glow Exfoliating Solution

During this phase, estrogen levels slowly rise. Your skin is at its best (yay), and you are less likely to have skin irritation thanks to increasing estrogen and serotonin levels; hello healthy glow. Plus, rich levels of collagen and moisture will make your skin stronger and more elastic. At approximately day 14— the day of ovulation— your skin is the best it can be; this glow phase lasts approximately 4 days.


(Days 19-28)

Rebalance Skin Rebalancing Cream

This is the final phase of the menstrual cycle. The Luteal Phase lasts from the day of ovulation to the last day before the next period. This is also the phase that the symptoms of PMS are noticeable; cravings for junk food and an overall irritable mood in conjunction with a decrease in estrogen, increase in testosterone and progesterone can leave your skin irritated. The increase in testosterone causes the skin to secrete excess sebum which can block pores resulting in acne.

In sync with your cycle.

Throughout your cycle, your skin changes. From oily to acne-prone, dry to healthy glow; it’s a rhythmic tide that ebbs and flows over the course of 28 days. Our PHASE SKIN Kit has been specially formulated to work with every phase of your cycle.

Each product within the 3-step system has been developed to enhance and combat the effect of each unique phase. From day 5 dryness, hello PHASE 1 Nourish Hydrating Repair Serum, to the last 9 days of your cycle, aka the hormone acne phase, our Kit has you and your cycle covered. It’s the best thing to happen to your skin since, well, your hormones.

The next Phase 
for skincare.

Nothing really hits pause when you hit menopause. Starting with the perimenopause phase, and well into menopause, your body goes through a whirlwind of transitions — and your skin is no exception. As your ovaries begin to produce less and less estrogen, your hormone levels drop. But that doesn’t mean your skin should take the fall. PHASE II Menopause Serum has been specifically formulated to fight the effects of menopause, rebalancing and rejuvenating skin and promoting collagen synthesis.